Notice of opening

We originally planned to open the CAITAC SQUARE GARDEN on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, but the whole building opened due to the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection and the issuance of an emergency declaration. However, in response to the cancellation of the emergency declaration, we decided to open the ground at 12:00 on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

With regard to the hygiene management system, the following measures will be implemented uniformly for both the facility and each tenant.
1、Mandatory for staff to wear masks
2、Speak at the entrance to wear a mask
3、Installation of alcohol disinfection solution (as a facility: 4 entrances)
4、Encourage social distance.
(As a facility: stickers and posters in common areas on all floors)
5, 3 dense prevention
7Installation of droplet prevention sheets or panels at face-to-face customer service areas
Depending on the situation, we will perform a temperature check (as a facility: 4 entrances).

We will continue to prepare for the opening of the facility so that everyone who has been looking forward to it can enjoy it in a safe and secure environment.

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